Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Art Journaling, a New Girl, and Being True

Instagram picture @sadieinspired
 Yesterday I worked on a new journal page. I was SUPER happy to get a chance to just sit down and let things go. You know what I mean? I love that my journal is a place where I can not only try new ideas or techniques, but also pour out a bit of my heart in written words. I used to just "art" a lot on the pages. But, now I love the writing. Do you write in a journal or an art journal? It is such a release to write it down, right!?

She started out on a random page that I had used to wipe off excess paint from other projects. I looked and looked around the page to see if I could see something in the background to get me started, but nothing popped out...until I flipped the page that is! I normally don't do that in my journals. They are already bound so I just go page by page (skipping around sometimes) right side up. When I turned the book all the way around I saw the outline of her face. 

After I had the sketch, I began to play with my favorite color palette and some new Americana paint in Electric Pink. It was on sale, so I had to have it. ;) I really love the colors and like how she turned out. I am going to go back and add some color (white) to her nose. Initially I liked the under layers popping through and showing there...but, now I am not so sure.

What I do know for sure is that my feeling behind the page was overwhelming. 
Be True.

Be true to who you are. No matter what. There are so many people struggling through something, feeling alone, working through challenges, stepping up, placing faith in the unseen, overcoming, gracefully sailing through tragedy, facing uncertainty, and sharing their truth. So much victory and triumph lives in these places. 

For love. I am going to love. I am going to stand behind or alongside these. I am going to be a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. I am going to share in the pain/struggle and dance proudly in the celebration. I will not judge or protest, just revel in the courage I see. I am going to choose to find beauty every day (even when I am buried under deadlines and laundry). But, most of all I am going to love deeply with the love God created.

Be True.
Be Love.

Inspiration: Carissa Paige (just plain fabulous), Kristin @ Twinkle, Twinkle (gorgeous girls with stripey colored hair), Mystele (hunting in backgrounds for stories), and Effy Wild (writing more and journaling in the hair).

Now, go be awesome!


Friday, October 26, 2012

Art Journaling and "Around the House" Stamps

Today I wanted to share some of the fun little goodies I find around my house to use as stamps in my journal. I guess I also use them on regular canvases, but my journal is my place of experiment. I try things out there to see how they work. It is amazing to me how mixed meda can totally overtake the brain. I just have to laugh. I look at things like, "Ohhh, Hmmm that would leave a fab mark." Mind you, I am probably looking at someone's trash. :) Or how about stealing my kids toys because they would make a great stencil.  Or worse...what about the urge to buy something new simply for it's packaging. I know, like me, you raid the hubby's garage stash of "man stuff?" 
Hmmmm, maybe other people's scraps become your treasures? 
  See, complete mixed media junkie. Ha!

 Here are a few bits of "trash" I have in my "texture drawer." 

You may have seen some of these things used many times. I have seen bottle caps of all sizes used. But, don't forget about oddly shaped shampoo lids, Play-Doh tops, the plastic from small toy containers (the dome in the pic above), different jar tops, or little boxes.

I love the oval shape of my old shampoo bottle. Circles can be found pretty easily, so when you spot something with a different shape snag it!

Now, I must the next picture you will see some things that are stolen from my kiddies. I admit it. I step on half of these things when they are laying all over the floor most of the time. My kids now know that things left around after clean up time are fair game. 
They might end up in the drawer. Hee Hee!

Look at all that fun stuff!
If your kids (or nieces, or nephews, or friend's kids) are like mine, they have 5 trillion Lego pieces. They will never know if you go in there and take a few. Look around for some of these things or better yet, clean out the toy chest. There are bound to be tons of little stamping goodies in there.

Look at that! The hunt is well worth it. So many yummy marks to texture your backgrounds. I think it would be pretty fun to get the kids involved too. Have them look around their rooms for small toys that they would like to donate to Mommy's (or Auntie's, or Grandma's, etc) artsy cause. So fun! They may find something fabulous!!

Let's talk about fabulous. Look at this Lego wheel and what it can do. 
By far one of my favorites!

What are some of the things you like to stamp with???
Happy Hunting!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sadie Lane Studio Re-Boot & a Discount of Course! :)

It's Monday!!  
It's Sadie Lane Studio Re-launch Monday!
...And my eyeballs feel like they want to fall out of my head. Lol!

I have been in front of this computer screen for way too long. I LOVE creating. I adore taking pictures. I get giddy with all kinds of creating ideas. I devour all the inspiration on your blogs. But, all the editing of pictures, uploading, typing descriptions, business stuff, etc...not my favorite! ;) Now, with that "whoa is me" tantrum out of the way...the shop is filling up with all kinds of fun things. So many more things will be added throughout the week too! 
Yay ...Yee-Haw...Whoot..and a pom pom stag jump (cheerleader style)!

Just a few things I have been working on and listing in the shop.


There is a lot more. But, before my eyeballs land on the floor, I must get to the fun stuff! To mark the beginning (well, the real beginning) of my Etsy store, all week I will be running a sale. 

Just enter the coupon code HAPPYSADIE15 for 15% discount!
Oh Happy Day! :)

Be on the look out for more items to hit the shop this week, plus PRINTS are in the works, and so are some one of a kind necklaces! I will keep you posted on all that. Thank you so much to all my readers, friends, family, bloggy friends who encourage and support, and a studly husband who is an awesome kid wrangler when Mommy is busy! ;)

Picking up eyeballs and heading to bed! :)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Current Obsession - ATC Girls


ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) are so fun to make and painting fun little whimsy girls on them is even better. I am addicted. I have been painting these little beauties for the shop (which I will start stocking tomorrow...yippee! I only have 4 things listed right now, so they are very lonely. Lol) and can not stop. :) Kinda like when you eat M&Ms.... you know how you can't just stop at one. 
It is exactly like that.

I gesso a bunch at one time and let them dry. Then I create the first layer with my watercolors and water brush. The ATCs are the perfect size to take with me to the couch when I watch TV at night. I usually bring my pencil with me and sketch the face too. I love how quickly watercolor dries. It really makes them perfect for a first background layer. After I have several cards done I have been giving them a quick spray with fixative. When the portraits are this small, I don't like the graphite to move around on me. 

The following day I will finish them up in the studio with acrylic paint, pens, stamps, stencils, etc and finally some words. Super fun! I guess I should be calling them ACEOs since they are heading to the store. I did a little research and found out that when ATCs are going to be sold instead of traded they are referred to as ACEOs or Art Cards, Editions, and Originals. 
Either way, I love them!

I hope you come visit on Monday to see all the new things I have been working on for Sadie Lane Studio, but until then you must come join the Party. I am late...but, I can't help it - I must go Party! :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall Book Page Banner Revisited

Hi my fabulous friends! So many fun and exciting things happening in the studio. Painting, jewelry making, ATC creating. Lots of little goodies headed to the shop on Monday for the relaunch. Super excited about that :) Have you tried making ATC (Artist Trading Cards)?? They are so addicting. Plus that little piece of paper, which is no bigger than a playing card, is not very intimidating at all.

Here are some things I am working on. See those little round silver of a kind painted pendants set in silver bezels, under glass dome cabochons. I am really loving how they are turning out! I love that you can walk around with unique wearable art. They will be headed to the shop next week. :)

OOAK jewelry pendants, Original ATC, original mixed media wood magnets

This week I also wanted to take a step back and revisit a fun tutorial  I wrote last Fall. I loved making an Autumn banner for my mantle using book pages. I LOVE book pages. I know there are a bunch of book page lovers out there too. Who else looks at things and wonder what it would look like under some old paper and Mod Podge. I can't be the only one. :) 

 Well, was a super fun project so I thought I would share it again! Click right here to see! I hope you enjoy it and that fall is putting a smile on your face. We are knee deep in angel costumes, Buzz Lightyear, and pumpkins around here. 

 Don't forget to visit Sadie Lane Studio on Etsy next Monday the 22nd. Pop on by the blog too for a little surprise. :)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Practicing Creativity


 Happy Weekend my Lovelies! 
 I hope your weekend is restful, full of laughter, 
and matter what that may be.
Maybe you are a gardener, a chef (sorry to say, not this girl - my poor family! Lol!), a writer, a baker, a crafter, a renovator...whatever it is. I hope you are carving out time 
to get that imagination flowing...
letting that little creative diva out to shine. :)

Yesterday I was working on a 12 x 12 canvas for my art studio wall and found the best quote to add to it. Perfect! This canvas happened to be an old one that I had painted about two years ago. It was a piece I had never finished because I just couldn't seem to get it "right." Now, I completely believe that there are no mistakes in art...just, lets say, "happy redirection" - so this angel that I didn't like was simply meant to be covered up. She is now at the bottom of some fabulous layers of paper & paint, representing where I have been and my artistic growth over the past two years. How perfect are these words for the studio wall?

"You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have."
Maya Angelou

Oh my gosh. So simple, but so true. Right? Lately, I have spent more time at my art table, hands messy with paint, then I ever have before. Finding the time is always hard - of course. For me it was about making time for the practice of being creative. Daily... Yes, daily. There are days when the time might be shown in hours and other days in minutes. There may be days when I am bellied up to the art table at dawn before my family is scurrying about or after they have drifted off to sleep at night. There may be days when laundry is piled high, floors are a mess, and kids are swinging from rafters (OK. no. just kidding about that last one). The important part is to make that time. For you. I know I need it. 

 Making things a daily practice or daily priority opens up a flood gate of ideas and keeps me sane. :) What is keeping you sane 
with smiles on your face this weekend?


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Hello Tuesday & Printer Questions


 Happy Tuesday Friends! 
I hope your week is starting off well. It is a beautiful cloudy morning here. After the crazy heat we have had lately, I am loving the gloom. There a little fall chill in the air and I am tempted to dust off my boots. :) Since my daughter is at school and my youngest is at Grandma's house today - I am hoping to get LOTS of painting done. Besides a doctor's appointment (Dread. Boo. Hiss) the rest of the day is dedicated to studio stuff. Yiippeee!!

My studio desk looks pretty colorful too. Current obsessions : Americana craft paints in Indian Turquoise, Pineapple, Butterscotch, Spa Blue, 
and Carousel Pink. Swoon!

I also found some circular wood panels (not very thick) that I LOVE.
The shape of it is so super fun.

You Are Sunshine - WIP

So, here is what I am wondering, if you are making prints of your work - Do you print yourself? Which printer do you use? 
Do you have them printed by someone else? Online?
Your input is greatly appreciated! :)

Have a Beautiful Day!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Aqua & Orange

with a bit of yellow and pink is my new color combo obsession.
It is so bright and cheery. It just makes me smile.

I painted these two the other day, while cleaning out my studio. Holy Cow! This was MUCH needed!. I was sorting, moving things around, separating, organizing, painting (preparing for the re-opening!), washing, tossing, running to the table for more painting, discovering forgotten items , dancing (sometimes I can't help myself), hanging things, and getting things done! 
It felt so good to get the studio clean.

This one was painted on a 6 x 6 cradled wood panel. I adore painting on wood. Plus, I love painting things that are ready to hang. So these are perfect! BTW, where do you get your panels if you paint on wood? I had the background painted a while back and it had just been sitting there waiting for me to finish it. It is all paint. I didn't use any paper except for the words. I used a Gelly Roll, black Pentel pen and some Faber-Castell pens for the details. Now she is ready for some varnish and a photo shoot. She (total female this one - see those colors! Ha!) will be headed to the shop very soon.

Loving happy colors!

This little scrumptious cutie is a 4x4 canvas panel. The flower on the right side is from the collage sheets I made the other day. So fun! I also really like using motivational quotes, words, or saying in the pieces I create. Just positive reminders that we all need. I know I do! She will be making her debut in the shop on the 22nd. :)))

What colors are making you happy?

Oh, and don't forget...

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Inspired Collage

Hand painted collage sheet
 One of my favorite teachers in the art community is Mystele. She has a wonderful Ning group called Community Thrive. This last month the very talented Roben-Marie Smith (LOVE) was a featured artist and provided us with tons of inspiration. Each month Myste's community hosts different art challenges. Of course I had to join in on this one because I don't have anything else to do. Total sarcasm right there. Lol. I am so glad I did though. It was super fun, and I really like how my painting turned out.

In her video, Roben-Marie encouraged us to use our own artwork as collage pieces for our pages. I love that idea! Right? The only problem - I can scan my work into my computer...but, my printer is not very good. So getting a nice copy of one of my paintings wasn't going to work. I know that I could have it printed somewhere else, but who wants to spend extra money. My solution - beg my hubby for new printer grab a couple of the 500 notebook sheets of paper thrown across my bedroom floor and paint some collage sheets. (Yes, thank you my sweet 3 and half year old who found joy ripping a notebook apart and redecorating my room. Don't leave them alone for a minute I tell yah!)

The notebook paper worked out really well. I chose a color palette and started painting. It is no surprise that flowers popped up.  They are showing up everywhere! I am definitely going to continue painting more sheets to then cut up and use in other pieces. I mean, I still have 498 sheets left from my little paper monster. ;)

I added pen, water soluble crayons, used stencils, and doodled with some Faber Castell artist pens. Once this page dried I started cutting it up to use on my journal spread. OK, now don't be too shocked again. What do you think I ended up painting in my journal?? You guessed it - flowers.  I think it is pretty funny that I painted flowers to then cut them up and make more flowers. I get obsessed. :)

This technique is really fun and it is a great way to get more out of your artwork especially if you can print something that you have already created. If you haven't tried it - you should!! Now I am off to work on...well, probably more flowers. :)

Yes it is!

Melting into Fall & Some News

Happy October!

Can you believe it is here already? 
I can't...really.

Fall pumpkin tutorial right here.

 Just this morning - I was doing the Autumn happy dance, dreaming of boots, smiling at my pumpkins, the smell of cinnamon tickling my nose, pumpkin spice latte in hand...
then I stepped outside (in flip flops).
I literally had to grab the door for support. I thought I might melt right there. Seriously, puddle up right there on my porch from the heat. I know summer in southern California can linger well into September... but, I need summer to pack her bags and head out. I need cool, dreamy fall weather. :)

Well, with Fall excitement in the air I am painting up a storm. I am trying to find any little bit of available time I can to get into my art studio and work. I am painting like a mad woman. :) The super exciting news is that I have decided to have a Re-Grand Opening of my ETSY shop. YIIIPPEE!! MY little shop has been so neglected that I decided to pour some heart and soul into it. I am working hard on new items and beyond excited to share them with you. Soooo...

Come visit Sadie Lane Studio's Etsy Shop
on Monday October 22nd!!!
  (and visit me here on the blog too for a special reader coupon! Yay!!)

Super excited!

Instagram of a new journal page. Post coming tomorrow! Find me @sadieinspired

Sometimes you just have to get out there and take steps toward those dreams. Even if the steps are baby all counts!
Where are you dreams taking you today? Do tell!!

Dream Big! :)